Extend Jobless Benefits

Across the country, unemployment rates have risen dramatically as we continue in the recession. These statistics are sobering, but there are many things that can be done right now to ensure that all working families who are facing unemployment have access to benefits while they look for work. It is more important than ever that we urge our elected officials to expand the unemployment insurance program, which is so critically important to families today. See below for Helpful Statistics surrounding the labor market, unemployment, and unemployment benefits.

On Unemployment/Labor Market Trends:

The UCLA Institute for Research on Labor and Employment: California Crisis
NELP October Jobs Report

Long Term Unemployment Climbing Faster than Overall Joblessness.

NELP September Jobs Report.

Nearly six unemployed workers per job but ratio does not worsen (August 2009) Economic Policy Institute.

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Economic Policy Institute Jobs Report

Helpful Statistics on Unemployment Insurance:
Federal Stimulus Funding Produces Unprecedented Wave of State Unemployment Insurance Reforms (June 2009) National Employment Law Projec

State Implementation of President Obama's Initiative Removes Hurdles to Education for Jobless Workers Collecting Unemployment Benefits (June 2009) National Employment Law Project

Government Data Sources:
For state-by-state unemployment rates and numbers, visit the Bureau of Labor Statistics
For state information on unemployment insurance programs, click here.