Your Unemployment Stories Are Needed Now


Are you currently unemployed?  Have you been unemployed in the last few years and now back at work?  Are you engaged in a long, tough job search?

If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, your stories are needed right now.  We are compiling these stories for a campaign we're ramping up to do two things:

  • Renew the current federal unemployment insurance extensions for 2013, and
  • Expand and strengthen reemployment services for unemployed workers, including those who may have exhausted unemployment benefits as well as current recipients.

Right now, more than 2 million unemployed Americans are facing an abrupt and total cut-off of federal unemployment insurance between Christmas and New Year's if Congress fails to renew the current Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) benefits program before it expires December 31, 2012. Another 2.8 million currently receiving regular state unemployment insurance (UI) benefits will not have access, if needed, to those federal EUC extensions in 2013 -- unless Congress acts.

This is a looming disaster we just cannot let happen.  Here's how you can help right now:

There are three specific kinds of stories we are looking for:

1If you are among the millions of Americans currently unemployed and receiving either federal EUC or regular state UI benefits, please click here to tell your story.  We urgently need these stories from workers who would be cut-off of unemployment insurance if Congress fails to renew the federal EUC extensions for 2013.

2If you were unemployed but are now back at work, and thankful for having had unemployment insurance to help sustain you and your family during your job search, please click here to tell us your story.  Some who have opposed benefit extensions have falsely asserted that unemployment insurance discourages people from actively seeking or accepting new work. They say it's a "disincentive". We want to counter that false assertion -- with stories from people who have found new jobs before their benefits ran out.

3If you are looking for work and experiencing a long, tough job search, please click here to tell us that story.  Federal EUC benefit weeks were reduced in many states this year even as unemployment remains high and the average unemployed worker's job-search still lasts about nine months. Finding new work is so tough for many unemployed workers that millions remain jobless even after unemployment benefits are exhausted.  We need to renew federal EUC benefits for 2013, and make effective, expanded reemployment services readily available to more job-seekers, including benefit recipients as well as those who have exhausted benefits.

Each of the three story submission pages also enables a photo upload.  Putting faces with stories makes them even more persuasive.  With your help, we'll bring as many stories as we can to the halls of Congress over the coming weeks.  But please, don't delay -- send us your story today!

And if you know of others who can help with their stories, feel free to share this page with friends and followers.


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