Wrong on Missouri Benefits, State Sen. Lembke Threatens to Cut-Off Jobless Workers (VIDEO)

Last week, Missouri State Senator Jim Lembke attacked jobless workers, saying those who receive unemployment insurance should "quit stealing from their neighbors."  Now, it has become clear that Sen. Lembke doesn't even have the basic facts straight on Missouri's unemployment benefits.


Senator Lembke has been blocking a bill to continue Missouri's federally-funded Extended Benefits program.  That bill, which has already passed the state House of Representatives, has the overwhelming bipartisan support, including the backing of Missouri Governor Jay Nixon.

But it appears Sen. Lembke is out to make a name for himself, even if he doesn't quite know what he's talking about.  StLToday.com, the online edition of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, reports today that Lembke is vowing to continue his obstruction of the benefits bill, thus threatening to cut-off unemployment insurance to an estimated 14,500 jobless Missouri workers next month -- and another 20,000 by the end of the year.

Send Sen Lembke a MessageClick here -- or on the "Participate" button -- to send Senator Jim Lembke a message:  "Stop blocking Missouri's extended unemployment benefits!"

Or call Senator Lembke:

Capitol Office phone:  (573) 751-2315

District Office phone:  (314) 849-0089

Tell him to stop blocking Missouri's extended unemployment benefits... and to get his facts straight!

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