Unemployed? We Need Your Stories Now!


Are you unemployed?  If you answered "Yes" -- we need your help right now.  We need you to raise your voice and tell us your story.

The real stories of unemployed workers are a powerful tool in the campaign that's quickly ramping up to get Congress to renew federal unemployment insurance through 2012, and take additional steps to avert layoffs, create good jobs, end discriminatory job market practices that exclude the unemployed, and get real help to long-term unemployed workers including those who have exhausted unemployment benefits.

We'll be taking your stories to the halls of Congress and to the media, as well as posting some stories on our website and sharing through social media.  Your stories can help make a difference -- for you and millions like you!

There are three specific kinds of stories we need right now:

1.  If you were laid off in the last year -- in 2011 or late 2010 -- and are currently receiving unemployment insurance, click here to tell your story.  We most urgently need these stories from workers who could be cut-off of unemployment insurance if Congress fails to renew the federal extensions.  These crucial stories will help strengthen support in Congress to renew the federal unemployment insurance programs for 2012.

2.  If you are among the more than 4 million Americans who have been unemployed for a year or longer, or if you have exhausted available unemployment benefits, click here to tell your long-term unemployment story.

3.  If you are an unemployed job-seeker who has been told that you would not be considered for a job simply because you are unemployed, and have personally experienced this specific form of job market discrimination, click here to tell your unemployed discrimination story.

With your help, we hope to bring as many stories as we can to the halls of Congress this month and next.  But please, don't delay -- send us your story today!  And if you haven't already done so, please sign the Petition to Congress to Renew Federal Unemployment Insurance Now!

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