NELP Urges House to Pass Senate Bill Extending Unemployment Insurance


The National Employment Law Project issued this statement in advance of a vote expected tonight in the U.S. House of Representatives on a bill that would fully renew federal unemployment insurance for two months, averting an expiration of the program December 31st and allowing more time for Congress to enact a longer-term reauthorization.

As Congress is eager to recess for the holidays, it appears that some in the House of Representatives are willing to gamble with the economic security of millions of Americans who depend on federal unemployment insurance benefits to keep a roof over their heads and put food on the table for their families.

With a five-week recess looming, it is cruel to place so much at risk for those who are struggling so hard just to stay afloat—and to do so right before the holidays adds insult to injury.  Make no mistake, holidays lost cannot be returned retroactively; evictions that occur because people can't pay rent can not be undone in late January.  Winter is upon us, and the threat of cutting off millions from the only lifeline they have should not be taken lightly nor done for partisan gain.

The Senate bill is not perfect, but it buys a measure of stability and security for millions of unemployed Americans and for the nation’s economy.  The House should pass it tonight, allowing all Americans, especially those who are among the long-term unemployed, to end the year in peace.

At we are urging everyone to call their Members of the House of Representatives toll free at 888-245-3381 or Click-to-Call here and tell House Members to approve the stopgap Senate extension.


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