Federal EUC Claimants: Don’t Risk Losing Your Benefits


Unemployed workers claiming weeks of federal Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) benefits are, under current federal law, now required to meet states' work search reporting and in-person eligibility assessments in order to receive their unemployment insurance payments.

EUC claimants receive notices from their state unemployment agencies detailing the specifics of required job search reporting procedures.  The requirements and procedures will vary by state, including the minimum number of search-related employer contacts per week and the form and process required for reporting.

In addition, states notify EUC claimants regarding scheduled in-person eligibility assessments, which are also required under the current law covering EUC benefits.  States will often send a letter with a pre-scheduled in-person session, or provide a phone number to call to schedule the required session.

These notices clearly state that one's benefit payments will be stopped if the new requirements are not met -- so just do it!

Keep an eye out for these notices if you are a current or newly-eligible federal EUC claimant.  Don't risk having your benefits stop for failing to meet these new requirements.

Both attending the in-person eligibility assessment and fulfilling the ongoing work search reporting requirements are necessary to maintain your benefit payments.


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