February 17, 2016

Presidentís Budget Offers Robust Agenda for State Unemployment Insurance Reforms

The Obama administrationís proposed 2017 budget contains a wide range of unemployment insurance (UI) proposals. If adopted, they would take an important step toward restoring the vitality of state and federal UI and reemployment programs. Although the chairs of the Senate and House budget committees have announced they will not consider the administrationís budget on any issue, the UI package presents a robust agenda that deserves serious consideration in future policy more »

February 16, 2016

Ohioís race to the bottom on jobless benefits

House Bill 394, a bill purportedly designed to address Ohioís unemployment compensation fund solvency, contains only a single provision to fix the recognized flaws built into Ohioís unemployment compensation tax mechanism. The provision is an insufficient, temporary increase in the amount of wages that employers pay tax on. The bill instead relies upon benefit cuts that likely will take Ohio from its current below-average recipiency level of 24 percent toward the bottom-feeder status of Florida (11), Georgia (13), and North Carolina (13). These three states have adopted similar approaches to setting the available weeks of benefits as those found in House Bill more »

February 10, 2016

Is Wage Insurance a Worthwhile Option for Displaced Workers?

It's an open question whether the president's wage insurance proposal should be a top safety-net priority in 2016. read more »

February 9, 2016

President’s Budget Proposes Unemployment Insurance Reforms

The proposals come just as the share of unemployed workers receiving jobless aid stands at a record more »

December 11, 2015

Victory, Finally, for Unemployed Seniors in Illinois

Illinois is the last state to repeal jobless aid reductions for workers receiving Social Security retirement benefits. There was never a valid policy justification for the Social Security more »

October 15, 2014

Obama Administration Announces New Efforts to Boost Hiring of Long-term Unemployed Job Seekers

The Obama administration announced today its latest efforts to improve the job prospects of the nationís nearly three million long-term unemployed. In January, the administration launched a campaign to enlist businesses in a pledge to recruit and hire more long-term unemployed applicants and to refrain from hiring discrimination against them; nearly 300 companies took that pledge. Today, the administration, working with business leaders, human resource professionals, and local public-private workforce partnerships, rolled out significant new steps to boost the hiring of people experiencing long-term unemploymentread more »

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