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Building Robust Labor Standards Enforcement Regimes

The rates of noncompliance with existing wage laws remain staggeringly high, particularly in low-wage industries.


  • 04-04-15 NELP's Christine Owens on why McDonald's recently announced wage increase falls far short, on Read More
  • 04-03-15 Virginia Governor signs “ban the box” executive order. Read More
  • 03-28-15 With Albany gridlock threatening to stall a hike in New York's minimum wage, NELP's Paul Sonn urges Governor Cuomo to take executive action, in the Albany Times-Union. Read More
  • 03-25-15 Story in today's Politico documents our push for federal hiring reforms to mitigate employment barriers faced by people with conviction histories. Read More
  • 03-25-15 NELP and nearly 200 allies call on President Obama to take executive action adopting fair-chance hiring reforms for people with past convictions. Read More
  • 03-18-15 NELP's Rebecca Smith on why actors in California who work in small theater productions should be covered by the state's minimum wage law. Read More
  • 03-18-15 NELP’s Caitlin Connolly joined U.S. Labor Secretary Thomas Perez in calling for a $15 wage for home care workers at a town-hall event in Washington, D.C. Read More
  • 03-17-15 NELP policy brief lays out nine tools and strategies to build strong labor standards enforcement regimes in cities and counties. Read More
  • 03-16-15 NELP's Rebecca Smith explains how undocumented workers in U.S. are denied compensation and legal rights when injured at work, in closing statement before Interamerican Commission on Human Rights. Read More
  • 03-12-15 NELP's Sarah Leberstein testifies before Connecticut lawmakers on a bill requiring large low-wage employers to contribute to the public assistance programs their workers are forced to rely on. Read More

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